Damien Kureshima/Kamen Rider Cresent Moon Edit

Damien is The First Born Son, and Is one of the heads of The Yggdrasil Corporation, with The Help of Sid, James, and Alice, They became A new type of Kamen Riders called "New-Generation Riders". Along the way, Damien Showed Derek what really happend to Leo. Damine later found out his younger brother, Donny, was Kamen Rider Draco. He ends up following his passion, and begins helping Derek fight against the Inves invasion until he is back stabbed by his brother Donny.

Damien's Death/Revival Edit

After Damien came back to earth from being trapped in the Inves world, he got his Samurai Driver and Melon Lockseed back. When he did he found out about the evil and cruel things his brother Donny has been doing. He battled his little brother, who was using his Genesis Driver. In the battle, Damien couldn't deliver the finishing blow to his only family but Donny struck Damien in the rib age, making him drown under water, killing him. Near the end of Samurai, with his Golden fruit powers, Derek revived Damien, who ended up getting his Samurai Driver back from Amy.

Kamen Rider Crescent Moon Movie: Meeting with Venger Edit

In The Kamen Rider Crescent Moon Movie, Damien's old maid, Mary came back but she came back with new abilities. Mary turns out to be Kamen Rider Venger! A rider using Apple arms!

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