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Derek Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Samurai Edit

Derek Kazuraba, was Once A Beat Rider Just Like His Friends, until then He gave that up and started to act Like A Grown Up, but when The Disapperance of His Old Friend "Leo" The Leader of "Team Samurai", He Helped "Amy" Find "Leo", but When they Enter The Realm of Helheim of what They saw was Fruit shaped as Lockseeds and A Rider Belt (Known as "The Samurai Driver"), Derek puts The Belt on and Grabs The First Lockseed that He Chose, as that Lockseed changes, Derek Became more Powerful than Ever with that Belt that He Proudly Wears around His Waist, as His First Battle with An Inves, Derek became no other than A Kamen Rider Himself, and He Vow to Protect Zawame City from Any Threats Like "Inves, Evil Riders, and Humans Who Turns into Inves), Derek is Now The First Kamen Rider Able to Play in The Inves Games, Battle Other Riders and Monster, and Collect New Lockseeds.

Team Samurai Edit

Before, Derek Became "Kamen Rider Samurai", He was on Team Samurai who was The Lowest Rank of The Beat Riders, until when He puts The Belt on and Fighting Inves, Derek and His Team are On The Highest Rank, before All Other Beat Riders Challenged Him to Battle

As A Kamen Rider, Derek Must Quit Being A Beat Rider so That way He can Focus on what's really Important, becoming The Ultimate Rider that has Ever Existed, even if it's to become An Inves, Derek can Still Win as A Kamen Rider.

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