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Victor is The Team Leader of "Team Noble", He Always wanted Power Over All The Teams Who are Upagainst Him and Dillon.As Far as Victor can Go By Fighting His Enemies He also makes New Friends, as Far as He can Go, Victor Kumon must make A Choice of Being A Hero, or Become Upsessed with Power, as Far as Victor's Death by Derek, He was No More, as Victor must of Learned His Lesson as It's Not about Strength, It's about Working as A Team and Making New Friends

Team Noble Edit

Victor is the leader of Team Noble, which had originally belonged to Shawn. Victor had inspired many people at Team Noble, especially Dillon. One day, Victor decided to resign from his team and gave a samurai driver to Dillon, which made him Kamen Rider Knuckle. Victor left and joined the Yggdrasil Corporation, doing this got him a Genesis Driver and a Lemon Energy lockseed. He used this power to battle the crimson Overlord, Lord Slayer.

Becoming an Inves Edit

When he battled James/Kamen Rider Duke, Victor ate an Inves fruit in hopes it would make him stronger. Doing this made him stronger then Duke and Gave him the power to control Helheim. In battle he killed Kamen Rider Duke and when Knuckle betrayed him, Victor put Dillon into a coma With a broken leg. He was stabbed and killed by Derek during their final battle.

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